Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Weather

I love how experts can predict the end of the world, but yet no one can predict the weather for tomorrow. Forget about the atrocious odds of winning the lottery, dressing correctly for the weather is even worse. In the Midwest, individuals always state that if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it will change. When I was in undergrad, I left college to come home for vacation. I left 3 feet of snow in Iowa and drove 5 hours south to my parent's house (in Missouri). And those 5 hours made me seem like I was traveling to the equator. I arrived home to find my mother mowing the grass...crazy Midwest weather! However I cannot just pick on the Midwest. I lived in Utah for the summer, and the weather was just as stubborn. One moment the sun would be shining so brightly, and then you run into the gas station, and it would be pouring down rain when you came outside. I envision Mother Nature waking up every morning with a twisted sense of humor and us earthlings are the punch line. It is now a general rule that the first and last person I am usually upset with in the day is the meteorologist.

Weather seems to have become an icebreaker for causal conversations more and more in today's society (and topics for blogs). People may feel like when they run out of things to talk about (also know as a conversation crisis) that they can always talk about the weather. Additionally, in a strongly opinionated country (e.g. United States), talking about the weather can be a neutral topic of conversation.

However, if you look hard enough, one can eventually find humor in the ever-changing weather. Although these moments are rare for me, I definitely cherish them when I find them. Hopefully, these pictures from my trip from Canada will put a smile on your face no matter if you are experiencing sunshine, rain, snow or hail today.

A t-shirt
A wall picture

Weatherstone located in The Forks Market, Winnipeg, Canada

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