Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wadded Paper for Sale

Before computers came into our lives, we used paper and a writing instrument to write our thoughts down. Sometimes, instead of erasing a sentence (especially if it was at the beginning of the paper) I would just wad it up and try to shoot it into the trash can. Therefore, with the evolution of the internet and it's domination over the world, it would make complete sense that paper would become vestigial, like the human appendix. However, NOW with the invention of the internet, a person can now become abundantly wealthy almost instantly by jumping on the wadded paper money train. I am seriously contemplating financing the rest of my college tuition with wadded paper. Forget the gold rushes of the 1890s, it is now the wadded paper rush of 2011. I wish I was kidding, but there is an actual website that sells wadded paper. But instead of just appealing to "tree haters" the sellers gave the wadded paper originality by adding a poem. But not just any poem, a haiku; therefore, now they can expand their buyers and appeal to japanese art collectors. These sellers are geniuses and probably even Mark Zuckerberg is pinching himself for missing out on such a money making opportunity! Because I am definitely kicking myself in the rear-end for throwing away perfectly good wadded up paper for years, because I could have been a millionaire by now!

Make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions on the webpage to make sure you soak up the complete absurdity and amusement of this webpage!

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