Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unique & humorous products for SALE

I decided to take a road trip to Winnipeg, Canada. On the way to Canada I stopped at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Initially, I was on a mission to find some scarves for the windy and cold weather we have been experiencing in the Midwest. However, as any savy shopper can verify, window shopping is dangerous. I came across this store called The Afternoon, and my mission was momentarily delayed, and I spent two hours in this amazing store (which also had scarves). This store is a compilation on unique gifts and artwork. I honestly think this store has something (for me, it has somethings) for everyone. However, there were a few items that really were unique and funny; therefore, I caught them on camera and uploaded them here with product description and my reaction to the product for your enjoyment. The Afternoon is a rare store with only three locations, Mall of America and then two stores in Omaha. Don't live in these areas....then visit them online and order something for yourself or someone else.

Product: iHOP and iCUSHION stand
Description:These products are used as a seat for your iPod and iPhone
My Reaction: Wow, not only are people less physically active, but even our electronics are  more sedentary now

Product: Design Ideas computer keys magnets
Description: Magnets in the shape of computer keys with a variety of sayings (ANY, ?#@!, ABORT, SNOOZE, HIDE, Boss Alert, $$$, Make Coffee, UNDO) that deal with the frustrations of a computer user. 
My Reaction: If only there was a "Do Homework" or  "Return to PowerPoint presentation, the professor is coming" key

Product: Useless Info notepad
Description: Used to generate useless info information that is imperative to remember
My Reaction: I am going to need a bigger notepad; all my information is useless

Product: Book
Description: A compilation of quotes: words of wisdom from people who have lived
My Reaction: I am thinking this book's author is the Stinky Cheese Man 
Product: Mighty Wallet
Description: A wallet that is made from a single sheet of a strong micro fiber material that is water resistant, super strong and incredibly long lasting. This wallet has no stitching.
My Reaction: Dynomighty (company behind this product) needs to come up Mighty Purses, because then women can literally take their purses anywhere. Want to take your purse scuba diving...go ahead, just make sure it doesn't clash with Ariel's (The Little Mermaid) purse.

Product: Cassette tape measure
Description: Tape measure shaped like a retro audio cassette tape
My Reaction: Will be a pain in the butt to rewind, fast-forward, or pause, I rather have a CD tape measure

Product: Cupcake Bath Bomb
Description: Moisturizes your skin, smells delightful, adds bubbles, all while soaking up natural salts in the bath. Directions that are on the product:Remove wrapper, drop in bathtub under running water for the ultimate sweet skin treat! May cause SLIPPERY TUB! DO NOT EAT
My Reaction: I am cutting calories out of my meals, so the last thing I want to do is add calories to my bath

Product: Decorative Wine Corks
Description: Wine corks with various sayings: wine tastes better with friends, liquid happiness, cheap wine expensive cork, I go well with friends
My Reaction: This is a useless gift for me. I have never used a wine cork before because it was never needed, is that a bad I have a problem? 
Product: Book called Jiggle Shots
Description: Contains 75 recipes on gelatin shots, such as, Purple People Eaters, and Apple Mini-tinis
My Reaction: For some reason a book called Jello Shots just doesn't have the same whimsical ring to it

Product: Band-Aids
Description: Band-Aids for that person in your life that whines about anything and everything. The Band-Aids have sayings on them, such as, "panda hug," "kitty scratch," and "emotional wound."
My Reaction: I want my Band-Aids to say "A child just touched me," "please just let me hibernate," "I'm tired of listening to you, do you have a mute button?" "no I don't want to do that; I'll just read about it in a book," "I really enjoy four seasons, but I really wish snow would only fall on my command."

Product: Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook
Description: Recipes from Dr. Seuss books, such as,  Cat in the Hat Pudding,  Moose Juice and Green Eggs and Ham
My Reaction: Using story time as a time to brainwash kids that green foods, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli really do taste good because look at your favorite character in the book enjoys them. 

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