Friday, October 28, 2011

'Tis the Season for Dressed Up Pets

We have all witnessed it....a little dog being walked with shoes on it's tiny little paws, or a  dog in a kilt and a miniature Argyll sweater (and it is not even Scottish).  Observing this can cause a roller coaster of reactions and emotions in a spectator-sympathy, pity, happiness, envy,  joy, amusement, etc. If you are one of those individuals that hate to see pets that have been dressed up by their owner, then I advise you to stay in your houses this weekend. This weekend there will be animals on the street that are not just in clothes but in COSTUMES. I am one of those individuals that believe that if the animal is not being harmed physically, then it is okay for them to wear a costume; who knows, it could keep them warm this Halloween season. You may have noticed that I did not indicate that the pet will not be emotionally harmed in the process of wearing a costume. We all know there is emotional damage when you have to wear something you don't want to; we all have had to wear a knitted sweater a grandma or distant relative have given to us for Christmas or a birthday, and I am sure your mother has the picture to prove it.

On a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, he showed a Public Service Announcement (PSA) of an Animal Rights group against dressing up animals and it is funny. Here is the URL:

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