Monday, October 24, 2011

Naughty Bears

We all have a childhood bear that we adored. We sympathized with Winnie the Pooh on his quest for finding and eating honey. We cheered on Yogi Bear on stealing a yummy picnic basket. We adored reading about the Berenstain Bears and how Brother Bear and Sister Bear got into and out of trouble. We all have wondered “What would we do for a Klondike bar” which is asked by a polar bear mascot. As children, we were drilled "That only YOU can prevent forest fires" by Smokey the Bear. Additional bears that one may have encountered in their life are Po (Kung Fu Panda), Snuggle (the fabric softener bear), Paddington Bear, and of course enjoyed the delicious gummy bears.

During Christmas break, Coco-Cola campaigns for their product by using animated Polar Bears. I hope this is not what the Coco-Cola bears do after filming a commercial………

These are pictures I took at the store, Urban Outfitters

I don't think this is the positive influence creators of our beloved fictitious bears had in mind, but it is still funny (at least to me). I just wish I knew a person I could give these salt and pepper shakers to as a gift, and who would appreciate it.

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