Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things I Learned About Packing

It is my spring break and I spent it packing my apartment. I plan on moving my furniture and boxes out of my apartment by the end of March. Therefore I am going to have the pleasure of sleeping on an air mattress for about a month before I move to Seattle. However, crossing off packing on my moving list was cathartic. Below are the amusing lessons I learned about packing.

  • When packing, the apartment gets messier before it gets more organized. I found it easier to limit the chaos to one room; however, I should have picked a different room than my living room. My living room is the first room in my apartment; therefore, if there was a fire I would have been screwed because the boxes and everything had my front door blocked.
  • During my graduate school duration I have definitely accumulated a lot of stuff, and I didn't realized I owned half of it. My new years resolution should have been to be less materialistic. 
  • I really hate(d) dusting. Thankfully, not having a lot of figurines and clutter makes this less obvious. I remember I dusted sometime in 2011, but I have yet pick up a duster in 2012 and I am in no rush to ruin that streak.
  • Packing allows person to rehash a lot of memories by the items that you go through. These memories can go back to spending time with high school and college friends to making you realize the crap-load of money you have wasted on items that have been just collecting dust.
  • If it has collected a layer of dust, you should get rid of it (trash or donate); do not try to internalize that I "may" need it one day for some outlandish emergency.
  • One can never have too much bubble wrap, newspapers, or tape.
  • The quest to find the perfect box is impossible. Give up the battle now. Use two or three boxes for items, and always remember to not make the boxes too heavy. You or someone else will have to move the box. 
  • Keep track of the tape at all times, because you never know when you will become over zealous and pack it in a box. How is that possible you may ask? How can you tape a box if the tape is inside? I don't know, but I think is the true foundation for the term and movie franchise "Mission Impossible".
  • I decided to save money on boxes; therefore, I didn't purchase any; instead I went to Wal-Mart and asked different departments (specifically the meat department) for boxes. More than once I would "borrow" broken down boxes in the aisles. Feeling elated and very accomplished when I would leave with a full shopping cart of boxes, I forgot one thing. Empty boxes are very light and the wind can be very strong; therefore, entertainment for Wal-Mart shoppers in the parking lot ensued. I swear I saw one kid eating his popcorn and laughing and pointing at me.
  • I found electronic chargers and cords that I have no idea what they go to, but terrified to throw them away; thinking there will be severe consequences.
  • Found my first iPod and three old cell phones. It is amazing holding technology advancement and progress in ones hands and remember how far the world has come. But somehow, no one has figured out to make Nature Valley granola bars to leave less freakin' crumbs. Hansel and Gretel should have been using these granola bars when leaving a trail home.

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