Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best Feelings

In life it is very easy to get overwhelm with responsibilities and decisions; therefore, sometimes in life we need to enjoy the little things that life presents us and not take them for granted.... here is a list of the small things in life complied by myself and some classmates (Anna, Dana, KeOnna) that can give a  person the pick-me-up that is really needed:
  • Putting on clothes straight out of the dryer
  • When you finish an assignment after procrastinating and it was looming over your head for so long.
  • A TV series finale gives you closure (i.e. F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
  • When a book gives you closure
  • When you open your credit card statement and there is a $0.00 balance
  • When you are doing laundry or cleaning your apartment and you found money in an unexpected place
  • Fitting into your skinny jeans
  • Getting a close parking spot at your gym (ironic, yes?)
  • Eating spaghetti with red sauce while wearing a white shirt and you didn't get any on yourself
  • Having a snow day when you didn't study enough for a test
  • Going to the dentist and having zero cavities
  • When you miss a class (overslept) and friends are so worried that they text to make sure you are still alive
  • Friends that will listen to your choices and feelings and won't judge
  • Your airplane flight has zero delays
  • Getting your mail and you have zero junk mail
  • You make a recipe and it tastes as good it looked in the picture
  • You go to a restaurant and there are no kids there
  • You arrive at a event with friends and everyone is on time, so no one is fashionable late
  • A person in front of you buying you coffee
  • Getting coupons that you would actually use
  • Accomplishing something on your bucket list
  • Going to a vending machine and there is food already at the bottom
  • Snow being in the forecast and mother nature not following through and there is sunshine instead
  • Someone already scraped your car of ice and snow
  • When you step on the scale and you have lost weight and you didn't intend to
  • When you are in public restroom and you have just enough toilet paper
  • Free dessert at a restaurant for you birthday
  • When you are speeding and the officer just gives you a warning so you do not get a ticket
  • Getting compliments for a new hairstyle
  • You let someone have the right away and they wave/nod as a thank you
  • Someone holds the door for you into a building (automatic doors do not count)
  • You can't decided between fries or onion rings, but decide on fries and when you get your order there is one onion ring in with the fries...SCORE!
  • You go to the library and the book you want is in stock and there isn't a waiting list
  • You are in your car and listening to the radio and your favorite song comes on
  • Having a shopping list and all items can be bought at one store
  • Ordering pizza for delivery and it arrives in 30 minutes or less
  • You take school/family picture and there is no need for retakes
  • Flying Southwest Airlines and getting a seating assignment in the "A" section

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