Monday, March 12, 2012


When a person thinks of the word "hibernation", what commonly comes to their mind? They most likely associate hibernation with bears. Hibernation essentially means inactivity, and there's a whole slew of metabolic changes that occur but why bore you with the details. However, in the world of Shaida, hibernation is a way of survival and a way to remain sane. I have coined the phrase "No I can't do that because I am going to hibernate" while in college, and I have noticed over the years that my friends use it as well. For me, hibernation can occur year-round, but it does occur more often in the winter time.

For many of you this is a novel word describing a human, and I checked urbandictionary and they do not have the appropriate definition for the word. Therefore, I thought I would let you know the rules and details of TRUE hibernation. This is considered a sacred day to me; therefore, all rules must be followed in order to consider it to be a true hibernation day.
  • You must wear the most comfortable clothes you own all day long. How do you determine what clothing is the most comfortable? 
    • Personally, I tend to wear my PJs all day long.
    • If anyone snapped a picture of you in the outfit and posted it on facebook you would insist that it be taken down.
    • The more you look like a hobo the better.
    • You would never, ever be seen in public with the clothes.
    • You wouldn't want your friends (even your bestest friends) to see you in your clothes.
  • You must not breathe in fresh air. 
    • This means no opening of windows.
    • This also means you cannot open your door to receive delivery food; therefore, plan ahead.
  • You must remain inside your home all day long.
    • No excuses of cabin fever or claustrophobia are tolerated or acceptable.
  • Curtains and blinds must remain closed. The more your home resembles a cave the better.
  • No homework can be done.
    • It's a whole day dedicated to procrastination.
  • No chores may be accomplished.
    • Like you really wanted to wash those dishes or vacuum. 
  • Social contact is limited to virtual (skype, facebook, email or telephone).
    • Therefore, nothing anyone says can upset you or disturb the sacredness of hibernation because you can end the call or mute them.
  • Plans for the future may not be made on hibernation day. Think of it as a national holiday, nothing is open.
  • No makeup can be put on. Additionally you cannot comb your hair either.
    • I tend to wear my hair in a scrunchie when I am at home. For those of you thinking scrunchies are so 1990's, I never, ever leave my house with a scrunchie in my hair. So no need to contact TLC's What Not to Wear.
  • At least one nap must be taken during the day.
  • Only simple meal prep is allowed.
    • Only appliances allowed to make/cook food are toasters and microwaves.
  • No coffee drinking is allowed.
    • The whole point of hibernation is to slow down your metabolic system. Coffee has caffeine which means it speeds up your metabolic system.
  • You must fill your day with only things you enjoy (that still adhere to the rules of hibernation).
    • Reading, watching television, movies, listening to music, surfing the internet, pinning things on pinterest, watching youtube videos, drawing, editing pictures..etc.

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