Sunday, March 11, 2012


This was my last spring break vacation as a college student and I opted for a staycation. A staycation is when a person remains at home and maybe ventures out to discover attractions in the area. My staycation entailed me relaxing at home and packing. I was a little bummed that this was the first spring break I didn't travel someplace; however, I am sure I will be grateful when I am not stressed about the "million" things to get done before I move to Seattle. Here are some of the things I did during my staycation:

  • Complained about losing an hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings Time
  • While packing my apartment I found a Barnes and Nobel gift card and then spent time finding new ebooks to purchase
  • Purchased and read Tucker Max's new book, Hilarity Ensues. 
  • Got addicted to Mad Men (TV show)
  • Tried three new recipes from pinterest
  • Cleaned out my closets and sold things to Plato's Closet and donated excess to homeless shelter
  • Hung out with friends and played Apples to Apples for the first time
  • Was disappointed by Hangover II
  • Packed apartment
Maybe there isn't anything super memorable about this list for others; however, for me, it means I will be well rested for Monday classes, I have more money in my bank from not traveling, and I was actually productive and there is tangible proof.

Urban dictionary had a couple of interesting definitions for a staycation:
  • The equivalent of being unemployed for a week.
  • A chance to sit around and look at all the reasons you wanted to get away for a week in the first place.

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