Monday, November 7, 2011

Texas Road Trip Quotes

On Friday I made the journey from Omaha to San Antonio with one of my best friends. We did not stay at a hotel; therefore, we kept driving all night and took turns driving. Even though we were exhausted most of the road trip, we still found plenty of things to make us laugh. Since this is my blog, it is only fair that I pick on the amusing things my friend said during our trip so far. Of course, some of these quotes you may just had to be there, but I found them hilarious at my friend's expense. In this post, my friend's name is "Sue".

-When we were leaving Sue's house, she was reversing out of her driveway and honking her car horn continuously. I then inquired what's with all the honking. Sue replied that she was letting the outdoor cats know that she was backing out of the driveway. She was just warning them.
-As we were leaving Sue's hometown (which can be classified as small town Nebraska); we passed by the Wal-mart. She pointed out the Wal-Mart and said that it was the place she hung out with her friends during high school. They would sit in the lawn chairs in the garden center and just hang out on the weekends.
-During the road trip, we were contemplating when and where we should pull off to take a nap. We were discussing what we considered "safe" and "unsafe" rest stops; Sue commented that she doesn't see anything wrong with parking in a mall's parking lot and taking a nap. And then she continued to state that she has pulled over into a mall on her way back from school (which is approximately a 20 minute commute) because she was just too tired to continue driving, and took a nap.
-(Driving in Texas) Sue: "Shaida, what is that on the side of the road?"  Shaida: "A dog. What did you think it was?"  Sue: "I dunno, a weird Texan Animal, like a dingo." FYI Dingoes are from Australia and Not Texas.
-A billboard sign says "Real Austin, Real News." Sue thought it said "Real Autism, Real News."
-Sitting down to dinner in San Antonio, Sue says, "I am so tired and exhausted. I cannot imagine how exhausted ducks get when they migrate from Canada." Yes ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Canadian ducks, not geese :)

The trip hasn't finished yet, but I am so lucky to have a friend that I can laugh at the mistakes she says and do, and also a friend that will forgive me for the mistakes I commit. As Elbert Hubbard stated, "A best friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway." This trip wouldn't be as memorable or amusing without my partner in crime, “Sue”.

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