Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Review: Heaven is for Real

It has become a unintentional thing for me to have blog posts that are funny (at least to me anyways); however, I am making an exception at the moment. I am blogging about a book (Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of his Trip to Heaven and Back) that I just read and reviewed on My review of the book is provided below. I recommend this short book to everyone of all faiths and ages. After you read this book and would like to visit the website for the book that includes videos and another additional information about this Colton's story, here is the link, Additionally, here is a youtube video (my advice is don't watch the youtube video before you read the book; there's spoilers!)

This would not have been a book I would read had it not been the book of the month for my bookclub. And not reading this book would have been a missed opportunity to be enlightened (excuse the pun). Colton, a four-year-old son to a pastor in a small town in Nebraska got very sick and about a year after his recovery, spontaneously started talking about heaven. This book has Bible passages but never came off as preachy to me, but rather came off as a way for his parents to  guide their questions to ask Colton about heaven. In this book you truly get to see Heaven and Christianity through a child's eyes. However you would want to dress up Colton's miraculous recovery, rather by faith or science, this is a story I think everyone needs to read, feel, and share.

-I believe things about heaven in theory, but to be honest, I couldn't picture them. Colton provided a picture that is absolutely believable.
-After Colton's medical ordeal, he didn't fear death and was anxious to visit heaven again (i.e. running in front of cars). One of my favorite lines in the book is from father speaking to Colton "This time I get to go to heaven first. I'm the dad, you're the kid. Parent's go first!"
-Colton was basically a messenger, a tiny tour guide for those on earth and those departing heavenly travelers.
-God's story can reach anyone, anywhere, at any age- even a preschool girl (Akiane, a four year old that is introduced at the end of the book that had a similar heavenly experience). This made me think of that there is no rush or deadline for me to find my faith, and that makes me more of a believer.

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