Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Snowfall of the Season

Today it snowed for the first time. Once the novelty of the first snowfall wore off (which was 5 minutes later), I returned to a snow Scrooge. Everyone probably remembers around the time they stop believing in Santa Claus. I stopped believing in snow November 2005. What is significant about that day? It is when there was 2 feet of snow that fell and I still had to attend college classes. Therefore, I realized my love for snow was rooted in the possibility that classes would be cancelled. It would be four years later until I had a snow day again (in graduate school), but I still hate snow. I hate snow for several reasons.

  • The white dry snow on the bottom of jeans; it makes rewearing the same pair of jeans very difficult without washing first-or so I have heard....
  • The impending doom that I am going to fall or slide ungracefully on the ice.
  • It is a 100 times harder to leave the house when it is snowing, I think I was a bear in a past life; because all I want to do when it snows (or snow is on the ground) is hibernate.
  • Roads become treacherous, and I actually start going the speed limit.
  • I can't answer my touch phone because I am wearing gloves. And yes I have tried answering my phone with my nose, and the results are inconsistent.
  • Car gets covered in a parking lot and then I can't find it and then I am the idiot that has to use their car alarm.
  • Snow is only pretty and white for the first 5 minutes and then it becomes dirty and ugly.
  • Depending on snowplows to plow the streets. 
  • Getting plowed into a parking spot and then having to spend 1-2 hours digging myself out.
  • Delays in the airport.
  • Interstates closed.
  • Going through gas quicker because I have to start warming up my car (especially when there is ice on the windows).
  • Shivering in my car until it warms up.
  • Going to school when it is dark and leaving school when it is dark. It's like the sun takes a 3+ months vacation.
  • When it snows (or is below zero for a while) I disbelieve in global warming; however, when it gets warmer again, I believe in it again.
  • The added expenses (heating bill, gas).
  • And the overall cold feeling and not being able to get warm. 
I think this URL truly represents my feelings towards snow as an adult. Happy future Snow Day to all you lucky kids who still get snow days!

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