Monday, November 14, 2011

Texas and Louisiana Adventure

Last week I was on clinicals in Houston, Texas. Also, during clinicals I explored San Antonio, Texas and Louisiana. I haven't uploaded my pictures yet (but I will soon), but here are some of the things I learned from my trip.

  1. The Alamo is so small! I compare the disappointment I felt from seeing the Alamo to the time when I saw the Mona Lisa was about the size of a piece of computer paper.
  2. Alligators hiss. I went on a swamp tour on Lake Martin in Louisiana and I got to be about 3 feet from an alligator. And apparently when your crazy Cajun tour guide pokes an mama alligator with an oar she's gonna hiss and show her 80 sharp, skin-ripping teeth to you.
  3. That it is really easy to gain weight from eating in Texas. I mean they say "everything is bigger in Texas" for a reason; that includes the portions.
  4. That 68 degrees is considered cold this time of year in Texas. And walking around in T-shirts will earn you stares from Texans, because they are in wool coats and scarves when it is 68 degrees.
  5. If Houston, Texas gets one inch snow then the entire city shuts down. Man I wish this would happen in the midwest; because I think I would have experienced like 100 snow days while in college.
  6. Since I am going into the healthcare profession, I need to learn spanish as a second language and be super fluent in it. There is only so much one can communicate with one-word answers, pointing to things, and over-exaggerated hand gestures.
  7. Fried Oreos may sound disgusting but they are soooo good! And I hate endorsing anything that Kim Kardashian enjoys but they are so worth it. (FYI: I became aware of fried oreos because Kim went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and introduced them about a year ago).
  8. Texas is the only the state where I have seen the state flag 100x's more than the American flag. And at times the Texas flag was bigger and higher than the American flag.
  9. Football isn't a game; it is a way of life. You need to decide pretty quickly if you are pro or con Longhorns, because after the question "what's your name?" then "are you a Longhorn fan" is going to be the next question. And hopefully, you will answer correctly in that person's eyes.
  10. I had a patient say "He looks like the dog's been keepin' him under the porch." Which apparently means, not the most handsome of men. Prepare yourself for other Texas Figgers of Speech and the famous southern drawl.

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