Monday, November 28, 2011

Bucket Lists

I think everyone should have a bucket list. I have two bucket lists. One is things I want to do before I graduate in December 2012. The other is things I want to do before I die. The things in red are things I have already done.

Graduation Bucket List

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride (I have been on twice so far)
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. Go sky diving
  4. See a local band
  5. Be a maid of honor
  6. Meet a celebrity (Have met and gotten my picture taken with Marcia Gay-Harden, Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Hope Davis, John Glover, Lauren Graham, Kate Jennings Grant, John Goodman, Nathan Lane, Bill Irwin) 
  7. Go on a spontaneous road trip with friends
  8. Visit Canada (Went to Winnebago)
  9. Visit Mexico
  10. Live someplace other than the Midwest (Live in Utah and will be living in Seattle May 2012)
  11. Invent a boardgame
  12. Go camping (in South Dakota)
  13. Visit a Renaissance Faire
  14. Run a 5K
  15. Go kayaking (down the Niobrara River)
  16. Go fishing (in Utah)
  17. Learn conversational Spanish
  18. Be a vegetarian (one month)
  19. Climb the Seattle Space Needle
  20. Visit the White House
  21. See Mount Rushmore
  22. Visit Las Vegas Strip
  23. Solve the Rubik's cube
  24. Learn how to crochet
  25. Learn how to knit
  26. Start a blog
  27. Be a spectator at a Broadway play (Seen 14 plays in NYC)
  28. Get a tarot card reading
  29. Get my palms read
  30. See a psychic
  31. Donate hair to Locks-of-Love
  32. Learn to change the oil in my car

Before I Kick the Bucket List

  1. Visit all 50 states
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. Swim in all 4 oceans
  4. Swim with sharks
  5. Go on a helicopter ride
  6. Go whale watching
  7. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter
  8. See Niagara Falls
  9. See Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
  10. See the Vatican, Vatican City
  11. See Westminster Abby, London
  12. Visit the Louvre (see the Mona Lisa)
  13. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  14. See the leaning tower of Pisa
  15. Visit 6/7 continents
  16. Visit Auschwitz
  17. Ride a steamboat down the Mississippi River
  18. Visit Universal Studios
  19. Learn glass blowing
  20. Learn to juggle
  21. Read every book that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the fiction category
  22. Buy jewelry at Tiffany & Co.
  23. Be a foster parent
  24. Adopt a child
  25. Create my family tree
  26. Have a herb garden
  27. Donate blood
  28. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  29. Donate clothes to a battered women's shelter
  30. Plant a community garden
  31. Be passionate about a cause (being more green)
  32. Own a Beagle
  33. Go to Times Square on NYE and count down as the ball drops
  34. Get hypnotized
  35. Have a signature dish (main dish: beef enchiladas, side dish: corn and cheese pudding, dessert: cookie surprise)
  36. Go without watching television for 365 days
  37. Witness a solar eclipse
  38. Ride something bigger than a horse (I have rode a camel)


  1. I want to make a bucket list too, but probably not quite as long and it will probably be one for when I turn 30, so I'll have 5 years to accomplish all sorts of good things!

  2. It's a way for me to try and have little adventures! Plus I love being able to check things off ;)