Friday, May 11, 2012

South Dakota

I recently drove through South Dakota when I was moving from Omaha. If I didn't drive through South Dakota, I would have had to drive through Nebraska and Wyoming, and after driving through those states last summer on my way to Utah, I didn't think my sanity could survive another boring drive; therefore, South Dakota was the first state I drove through. I expected the state to look very similar to other midwest states; however, I was pleasantly surprised. South Dakota has some of the most entertaining and funny billboard signs; and for those of you that didn't already know, I love reading. Therefore, I absolutely loved having reading material while I drove. I thought I would share some of the signs that I encountered on my drive through South Dakota. A lot of the billboard signs (for about 150 miles) were Wall Drug billboard signs, but the others range from abortion, politics, religion, and tourist attractions. Happy reading!
I wonder how many people show up and are stunned they are not in Pennsylvania 

Cause in any other state you will just get free water and NO ice

I wonder if PETA knows about this sign....there wasn't wet red paint on it, so I am guessing no

I've seen Jurassic Park, as long as I stand perfectly still, the T-Rex won't see me, plus it has teeny-tiny arms, it will never reach me; so I'll take my chances at being lunch

This is what Bob Barker should have been saying at the end of The Price is Right episodes

I think the entire state of Iowa would definitely disagree; the entire state of Iowa is a temple of corn

Exactly in that order: Eat here, and then get gas

The first political billboard with a positive message

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