Saturday, May 12, 2012


First, I got to say that Montana is the most BEAUTIFUL state I have ever drove through. I took the scenic route in Montana and I was in landform diversity heaven. There were mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, caves, waterfalls and so much more! There were times when my little car had difficulties on really steep hills but thankfully there wasn't any snow or ice to increase the challenge. Montana is one of those states that as you are driving down the highway and a car is coming down the other side, as the person passes you they wave hello.

However, one piece of advice that I have is that if you are driving through Montana (scenic route) and you have about half tank of gas and you see a gas station; I advise you to fill up. If not you may be in the same predicament as me, with 10 miles til empty and you start looking for your AAA card, and you are keeping your fingers and toes crossed that you will have cell reception to make the call. Thankfully (I use that loosely), I came across a gas station that wasn't in my GPS. With 4 miles til empty I found a gas station, at the moment I didn't care that it was $4.25 a gallon. I looked around and there were three closed gas stations in this town, so this one was the only one opened.

I got out of my car with credit card in hand and there is no place to swipe it; therefore, I go into the gas station and ask the clerk if I need to prepay inside. Standing at the counter is not a person but a Great Dane, with a dog tag with the name Tiny on it. I called out "hello" and the dog barked at me. "Hello is anyone there?" I was about two seconds from handing my credit card over to the dog since he seemed to be on the job, when I heard a voice from the very back of the gas station. "What can I help you with young girl?" First off I am 25 years old, and realize I still look 16 years old, but seriously young girl! "I was wondering if I needed to pay first to get gas." "Oh no, I work on the honor system. You get gas and then you can come in and pay."

So a trotted back outside to get gas, filled up, and went back in. I needed a bottle of water and something to snack on so I began browsing the aisles. When all of sudden the sun was blocked where I was standing; Tiny was looming over me. No wonder, this gas station operates on the "honor system" when Tiny is there to passively enforce it. He followed me down each aisle and when I went up to pay he went behind the counter. I had to call out again for the cashier. I half joked that I was about to give the money to Tiny, and the cashier replied "Well, he is the boss."
I absolutely knew there was a reason small towns weird me out..............
The gas pump at the station

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