Thursday, February 9, 2012

50 Greatest Viral Videos of 2011

I am such a sucker for funny videos. Here are 50 videos in less than 10 minutes. Some are definitely funnier than others, my commentary is in red.
Here are  the videos that are on this link...

  1. Jet Pack Fall
  2. News Anchor mocks Kardashians
    • How is this news? Doesn't everyone make fun of the Kardashians?
  3. Family home destroyed by flour
    • "Looks like a snowman threw up in here" Awesome quote!
  4. Crazy old man invades interview
    • He was just doing his interpretation of the song "Old McDonald"
  5. Reporter suffers stroke
    • Wow, I just thought she was chronically tongue-tied
  6. Weather Channel streakers
    • Very timid streakers; they have on swimming shorts.
  7. Pantera baby
  8. Tornado took my hamburger
    • The tornado was hungry and there was no cow nearby to suck up; so it decided a hamburger would do for the moment; lighten up man!
  9. Confusing pool party
    • Yep I am scarred for life...
  10. Reality hits you hard, bro
  11. BBQ grill explosion
  12. Kitchen planking fall
    • Maybe women no longer belong in the kitchen
  13. Old man dances to Zeppelin
  14. Dad goes crazy daughters texts
    • He kind of treated the phone as if it was a pinata 
  15. Ninja squirrel
    • Favorite rodent
  16. Girl in toyota supra
  17. Sleepy woman vs. hot dog
    • Yes I will take a hot dog with 1000000 germs on it and some ketchup
  18. Baby scared by nose blowing
    • Paranormal activity indeed
  19. Epic frog
    • I could watch this frog all day!
  20. Donkey fart interrupts interview
    • What an "ass"
  21. Death by Mentos
    • This has to be a record
  22. Crazy Martial Arts demo
  23. Shampoo prank
    • So simple but yet so awesome!
  24. Cat addicted to cigarettes
  25. Drunk lady vs. alphabet
  26. Road rage fight with twist ending
  27. Fat kid dancing to Dhinka Chika
  28. Jesus Christ, Fenton
  29. Kid reacts to gay couple
    • Kids really do say the darnest things!
  30. She wants to marry him
    • I am really concern; aren't they brother and sister?
  31. Kim Clijsters calls out commentator
  32. Chimps play in the sunlight for the 1st time
    • Three stooges alert
  33. Lily's disneyland surprise
    • Innocence and passion of a child showcased
  34. Mountain biker nailed by antelope
    • Bambi gets revenge
  35. The Force: Volkswagon comemrcial
  36. Sweet child of mine while mom has sex
    • ....DISTRUBING....
  37. Starbucks barista rant gets him fired
    • He shouldn't have quit his day job to be a musician.
  38. Twin babies talking to each other
    • I want to know what the heck they are saying.....
  39. Two dumb blondes
    • <insert 100 dumb blond jokes here>
  40. Webcam 101 for seniors
    • Hilarious! Reminds me of my grandparents. The first christmas my mom recorded us opening our presents with the video recorder my grandmother didn't realize that it picked up
  41. Bully picks fight with sleeping inmate
    • I do not get this video
  42. Maid of honor fall
    • Sometimes you need a nap so badly you forget that there is a time and a place for it...
  43. I don't want to turn black
    • I feel like I missing a major part of the backstory of this video; definitely confused
  44. Girl sneezes 39 times in a row
    • I only counted 16 times; but maybe I am somehow off by 23 sneezes....
  45. Ref attacked at youth football game
  46. Spider cat
    • Superhero cat? I think so!!!
  47. Carp attack
    • I would have enough patience for this type of fishing
  48. eHarmony girls loves cats
    • Definition of a crazy cat lady
  49. Mariachi Band and Beluga Whale
    • This Beluga Whale totally needs a sombero of his own!
So the title says there's 50 videos; however, I only counted 49. So obviously I cannot count to 50 and need to return to the 1st grade or the website has a misprint. Let me know if you figured out what video I missed!

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