Monday, March 4, 2013

Smith Tower Observatory Deck

Smith Tower
I got to cross another item of my Seattle Bucket list thanks to a Groupon. Yesterday I visited  Smith Tower in Pioneer Square. The observatory deck is located on the 35th-floor.  The 35th-floor also has the legendary Chinese Room. The furnishings in this room were gifted by the last Empress of China. There is a chair that is said that any unmarried women whom sits in it would be married within a year....lets just say I kept a good 10 feet away from this chair during my visit. There is a penthouse apartment on the top floors of the Smith Tower; however, as I searched the internet I was unable to find out how much the apartment rents for, so I am thinking it could be $10,000+ a month.

From the observatory deck you get to see parts of Seattle that one is unable to see through the Space Needle and the Ferris Wheel. There is a small gift shop on the observatory deck and some maps and handouts (i.e. history of Smith Tower).  So the golden question: Would I take others to see the view? Probably not.  It is much cheaper to see the views from here than Space Needle and the Ferris Wheel, but you get what you pay for. I only spent about 10 minutes on the 35th floor during my visit. If you are interested in visiting Smith Tower I would recommend checking on their hours online because they are not set in stone and sometimes it is closed to the public because of a private event. Additional information:    and

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