Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Days

We all have been there. Studying for finals and looking for the perfect way to NOT STUDY! We all have our own personal approach and methods to procrastination for this horrific time of year. Whether it's Facebook stalking or tweeting about how much studying you need to do, sometimes you need something that involves more time-extensive procrastinating. The newest trend is I saw a Facebook status that stated "Facebook is the new MySpace, and PinInterest is the new Facebook." Call me old fashion, but my preferred method of procrastinating is  My procrastination experience wouldn't be complete without creating a new post for my blog. StumbleUpon, PinInterest, Facebook, and Twitter all have apps for the iPad; therefore, now I can procrastinate on my phone, computer and iPad. Life just cannot make it easier to procrastinate.  

Here is some Finals Humor to get you through your finals week and weekend!

  • Studying is joined by two words: students and dying= stu+dying=studying
  • Urban dictionary's definition
    • Finals Week
      • The worst week of a college or high school students life. Finals week involves pulling an all nighter to reverse the months of slacking that have killed their grades. Final week involves a lot of stress and very little sleep, the college or high school student will be on edge the entire time, thus it is not a good time to screw with them by playing practical jokes or something you might find funny.
      • The one week on college campuses where people stop buying weed an everyone buys Adderall.
      • A dormant superhuman power laying in young adults that come out two-three times a year in times of great desperation.
    • Finals
      • Test designed by teachers to lower self esteem; also takes up precious hours of free time from students; has a tendency to lower grades *derived from the word final meaning your final days of freedom if your parents find out you the failed the test.

Twas the night before finals, and all through the college,
The students were praying for last minute knowledge.
Most were quite sleepy, but none touched their beds,
While visions of essays danced in their heads.
In my own apartmnt, I had been pacing,
And dreaded exams I soon would be facing.
My roommate was speechless, his nose in his books,
And my comments to him drew unfriendly looks.
I drained all the coffee, and brewed a new pot.
No longer caring that my nerves were all shot.
I stared at my notes, but my thoughts they were muddy,
My eyes went a blur, I just couldn't study.
"Some Pizza might help," I said with a shiver,
But each place I called refused to delivered.
I'd nearly concluded that life was too cruel,
With futures depending on grades had in school.
When all of a suden our door opened wide,
And Patron Saint Put-It-Off ambled inside.
Her spirit was careless, her manner was mellow,
She wore a white toga, and started to bellow:
"What kind of student would make such a fuss,
To toss back at teachers what they tossed at us?"
"On Cliff Notes! On Crib Notes! On last year's exams!
On Wingit and Slingit, and last minute crams!"
Her message delivered, she vanished from sight,
But we heard her laughing outside in the night.
"Your teachers have pegged you, so just do your best.
Happy finals to all, and to alll, a good test!"

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