Monday, September 23, 2013

Spooked in Seattle

There are many walking tours offered in Seattle. One of them is called Spooked in Seattle. I do not believe in the supernatural but I bought a Groupon for the tour because I was definitely intrigued on what the tour consisted. It’s a 90-minute tour that offers evidence on actual paranormal investigations led by real paranormal investigators. You also get to go inside some real haunted hot spots. Some of the sites have been featured on SyFy Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Most of the tour is above ground, but then a small portion at the end of the tour happens underground. At the end of the tour, there is a gift shop if you want to buy any mementos.

The tour didn’t make me a believer of ghosts and the supernatural, but it was definitely interesting to hear the effects these events had on individuals, and how still today people still experience events after 100 years after the first occurrence.  Additionally, there were no sightings spotted during the tour.

Meeting spot by the Ferris Wheel down at the Waterfront.

Having some fun with the flashlight. I had enough self control during the tour to refrain from making shadow puppets.

The part of the tour that was underground.

Merchandise at the gift shop.

I want to adopt Casper since he is oh-so-friendly!

This reminded me of potential props from The Harry Potter movies.

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