Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolution

It's a yearly tradition, making a New Year's Resolution to ring in the new years. Everyone has a different motive behind their resolution. Some use it as a way to look back on the past and then look forward to the coming year. Others use it as a time to reflect on the changes they need or want to make.

My 2012 New Year's Resolution was to avoid fast-food restaurants. I didn't keep it all year-long; however, I did eat at them less. Between the months January-May I had it four times and then June-December I had it once. Therefore, I had fast food five times in 2012, which is a major improvement I know for sure from 2011.

Therefore, I thought I would make a few New Year's Resolutions this year instead of just one:

  • Do at least one Pinterest activity/recipe a month
  • Read more books (or pages) than 2012
    • In 2011 I read 53 books with a total of 16,735 pages read
    • In 2012 I read 41 books with a total of 13,286 pages read
    • So far in 2013 I have read 5 books and a total of 1860 pages read
      • The books read in 2013 so far are: How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, These Girls, Inside, The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales, and The Fault in Our Stars
  • Complete 5 more items from my Seattle Bucket List
  • Keep in touch better with friends

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