Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Okay, before you get to laugh at me, allow me to explain myself....and then feel free to judge and laugh away. I just finished reading my first book in the well-known self-help book series "For Dummies." I compare the "For Dummies" series as the adult version of Sparknotes on "How to do something better". And believe me, I have read my share of Sparknotes, so I asked myself why not try the "For Dummies" series. Now here's my backstory:
  • My father just recently acquired Windows 8 for his computer. He is retired now and has very little knowledge about computers (he can turn on the computer and he knows how to double-click the Skype icon, and then that's about it). Therefore, he thought why not have my daughter teach me how to use this program.
  • One problem with that thought, I am strictly an Apple products individual. I have my own little Apple family (MacBook, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S). Therefore, my knowledge of PCs is extremely limited as well.
  • Therefore, I wanted to be able to help my dad and so I began looking for the best resource.
  • So my dad and I go to Barnes and Noble during my Thanksgiving break and we found Windows 8 for Seniors, and EUREKA! It has large-print which also helps out my dad with his vision deficits. However, this book didn't have color pictures, which my dad really needed. I mean who wouldn't like to have a picture book over detailed step-by-step descriptions.....
  • We decided on another book series (Maran illustrated) that had copious amounts of colored pictures but wasn't in large print, which was unfortunate.
  • However, it was then that I realized I never actually perused the "For Dummies" books until now, and was wondering if there was something I could further my knowledge in.
And then I saw it....iPad for Dummies. I began contemplating, how much do I truly know about my iPad 2? I never read any handbook, just kind of taught myself (which I think is how a lot of people become knowledgeable). So I knew I didn't want to purchase the book; therefore, I got it from the Seattle Library. And I gotta say, I actually learned a few new and positively awesome things/shortcuts from the book. Yes, there were complete chapters I could easily skip, but then I would have missed the subtle humor that the authors threw in. Overall, it definitely was worth the time and the four mile walk to the library.

I wish my thirst of knowledge would end there, but then I was curious...what are some other "For Dummies" books? So I visited and this is what I found out.
  • Topics included: Business & Careers, Computers & Software, Consumer Electronics (my iPad book), Crafts & Hobbies, Education & Languages, Food & Drink, Games, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Internet, Music & Creative Arts, Personal Finance, Pets, Photography & Video, Relationships & Family, Religion & Spirituality, and Sports & Outdoors.
  • Surprising subtopics: Reunions, eBay, Casino, Crosswords & Other Puzzles, Cryptograms, Role Playing, Canning & Preserving, Special Diets, Homeschooling, Holidays & Observances, and Coin Collecting.
  • Topics/subtopics I would be interested in reading about: 
    • All of the Religion & Spirituality (I am not a religious person, but I enjoy learning about what others believe in and why)
    • Etiquette (I am sure I will find out quickly that I have zero manners)
    • Digital Photography (as long as I do not have to buy any additional equipment/accessories)
    • Dogs (I just want to read a book telling me that yes Beagles are superior to all other dogs)
    • Home Buying & Selling (I am currently looking to become a homeowner and would like to not look like an idiot or have buyer's remorse)
    • Blogging & Social Networking (same interest I had in reading the iPad book, just wondering what else I could be doing)
    • Home Organization (any excuse to live at The Container Store)
    • Crosswords & Other Puzzles (I have never completed a crossword puzzle in my life)
    • Cooking & Recipes (who doesn't want their own Food Network show)

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