Monday, January 27, 2014

My Quirks

The quirks I have listed are ones that I have noticed about myself.

  • I have a queen sized bed but I sleep on the very edge of it; in other words, 9/10 of my mattress is brand new.
  • I smile when I am taking someone else's picture, and yes I realize that it doesn't matter if I smile or not.
  • I love the smell of old books, gasoline, and smoke after blowing out a candle/match.
  • I don't like food on my plate touching other food.
  • When I buy ice cream or frozen yogurt the first topping I want to put on it is sprinkles, and I will have double the amount of sprinkles to ice cream/yogurt.
  • The room I am sleeping has to be completely dark. This even means that the alarm clock has to be facing the wall so the red lights from the numbers are not glaring at me. And there are absolutely zero night lights in my apartment.
  • I hate going into perfume and candle stores; they make me feel nauseated and I usually get a headache from the overwhelming combination of smells.
  • I never crack my knuckles and I absolutely hate the sound of others doing it; it's worse than nails on a chalkboard for me.
  • When I eat Skittles, I eat all of one color before I move onto the next. And I eat my least favorite flavor to favorite. 
  • I will walk all over the city or go to the gym, and when I come home I will wait as long as it takes for the elevator to arrive instead of walking up four flights of stairs.
  • I get so impatient when reading a book that 75% of the time I will read the last few pages to see how it all ends.
  • When baking things in the oven, I usually cover the pan with non-stick aluminum foil so I don't have to wash the pan after cooking.
  • When I am sick, I regress back to my childhood days and watch nothing but Disney movies.
  • I never iron. If the steam from running the shower doesn't remove the wrinkles then my style for the day is embracing the wrinkles.
  • I am addicted to the app Foodspotting. Since I don't have cable, it's my Food Network fix. 99% of the time when I go to a restaurant featured in the app, I order one of the food items from the app. I totally eat with my eyes.
  • My addiction to the Foodspotting app doesn't stop with what I order, but I also post pictures; therefore, yes I am going to take 10 pictures of that slice of cake from every angle.
  • I continuously add books to my "want to read" list on For every book I read I add about 20 more books.
  • I hardly ever make spaghetti with a jar of sauce, but much rather prefer buying Stouffer's Spaghetti with meat sauce frozen dinners and add red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese, and Iranian hot technically it is still semi-homemade.
  • When I visit a new city/town I will want to go into every bakery/cupcake store/donut shop I see, and most likely I have already made a list with addresses of these stores with the most efficient route to hit all of them without having to backtrack.
  • The only jewelry I like to wear are earrings and I feel odd if I forget to put them in. I never wear rings or a watch, and rarely do I wear necklaces. Wait, I did wear a mood ring when I was in the third grade.
  • I absolutely hate dusting, and I have mentioned this before. I think it is the most pointless chore (next to ironing of course). Recently it's been so cloudy I didn't realize how dusty my apartment was until one day a few rays of sunshine shone through. The logical thing would have been to just dust, but instead I saw the forecast for the weather was cloudy for the next 7 days...therefore, can't see the dust then it doesn't exist, right?
  • If I had to choose two small appliances that I couldn't live without, it would be my microwave and Keurig coffee machine.
  • I own a total of two white pieces of clothing. Therefore, my separation of laundry consists of clothes and then towels.
  • Plastic bags are banned in King County (Seattle). I love the plastic bags that one gets from grocery stores because they are the perfect size for 3 of 4 of my trash cans in my apartment. Therefore, my parents in Missouri save their plastic bags and when I go home I pack them in my luggage and bring them back to Seattle.
  • None of my clocks have the same time in my apartment; and they are not just a few minutes off, some are hours off and even some are not working and are just up for decoration.
  • 90% of the time when I am wearing a headband, it's not because I think it would be a cute accessory for my outfit, oh no, that headband has a very integral use. It means that I was too lazy to blow dry my bangs when I got out of the shower, so they were too curly and unruly and the only thing that can calm them down is duct tape or a headband, and the latter is less painful.
  • Spare change in my car is not for parking meters or tolls, but rather for my favorite donut shop, because they only accept cash and I hardly ever carry cash with me.
  • I eat beet rock sugar from Teavanna as dessert.
  • When I eat ice cream, most often I am wearing a sweatshirt and have blankets on me.

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