Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 New Years "Resolution"

Part of ringing in the new year is that people are expected to make and then soon after that to break a resolution.  For the past few years I have gravitated away from "making" resolution but rather improving on something(s) throughout that year.

Resolutions that will never get on my list for 2014:
  • Obviously, to stop procrastinating is not one of the resolutions; I am highly attached to procrastinating and hope to reach an expert level. 
  • Giving up caffeine, haha who would I be kidding. My sanity and being nice to people is dependent on high caffeine consumption.
  • That I will try to figure out why I "really" need five e-mail addresses, because I still use the one I created in 5th grade the most. Yes, I know I am 27 years old and I have an email address called fikkie_shady!
  • I will stop making "lists" for everything. If we weren't suppose to make lists then why were Post-its created...think about it!
  • I will balance my checking account in my checkbook...the invention of the debit card and online banking indicate that balancing a checking account yourself is archaic.
  • To buy and learn on more HP and Window electronic way in the world; I am very devoted to my Apple family. Just yesterday I thought my 8-year Macbook was dead and my eyes were watering, but it just needed to be charged.
  • When asked if I am related to Saddam Hussein to stop replying with "Yes." If you ask a stupid question like that, you are lucky all you get back is a sarcastic reply.
  • To spend more time around children; trust me this not healthy for children or me.
  • When cooking with my niece and the recipe doesn't come out right to stop blaming her for the mishap(s). Hey, it's not an excuse if it's true.
  • Stop pretending it isn't time to take out the garbage out yet, but rather smashing it down. I try to prolong the time when I need to tie the garbage up, walk down the hall, and throw it down the trash's a really long 30 feet to walk.
  • I will make my bed everyday. I have a system; I will make my bed on only two ocassions: when my covers fall off my bed and when it's time to change my bed.
  • I will fill up my car's gas tank before the empty sign comes on...I like living my life on the edge, plus I pay for AAA.

This year I have three "resolutions" that I am striving to complete by the end of 2014:
  • To continue experimenting with acrylic painting.
  • To beat my mileage from 2013 (which was 1300 miles).
  • To read more books and pages than 2013 (I read 51 books).

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  1. I can help with the painting! :) And I agree with many of your "non" resolutions:)