Friday, June 7, 2013

Climbing Little Mount Si

The first mountain I ever visited was Mount Rainier, because obviously there aren't a lot of chances for a midwestern to climb mountains in the midwest. I hiked trails around Mount Rainier but definitely did not attempt to climb the mountain from base to summit (Mount Rainier is the only 14er in the state of Washington). Therefore, the first mountain I climbed base to summit was Little Mount Si.  My friend had purchased the book, Day Hiking Snoqualmie Region as an ebook, so we consulted it for this hike.

We really only needed to use the book to find the parking lot because so many people use this trail that it was maintained well (hence not needing to consult the hiking book).  At the beginning of the trailhead there is an outhouse (and yes it smells awful; I don't think a gallon of febreeze would help the aroma). We hiked this trail on a weekday and we encountered a lot of people and unleashed dogs. I love dogs, but when you are on a mountain, I personally do not want a 100+ lbs dog running at me full speed with the potential of pushing me off the mountain. The view at the top is truly spectacular! I could have stayed up there forever!! Thankfully we had clear skies; therefore, we could see Mount Si (which was a little intimidating in a majestic kind-of-way) and a lot of the Snoqualmie River Valley.

For my first mountain climb it was the perfect amount of challenge with just enough motivation to make me want to climb it’s bigger brother, Mount Si. 

View of Mount Si from the summit of Little Si

View from the summit of Little Si, showing Snoqualmie River Valley

Snoqualmie River Valley view from the summit of Little Si

Enjoying the view of Mount Si from the rocks on the summit of Little Si

Well worth the hike up for this view of the Snoqualmie River Valley and mountains

I thought these exposed roots were cool and a little eerie 

The rocks were heavily covered in moss. There are places on Little Si for rock climbers to ascend the mountain

This is a view point at about .25 miles from the trailhead with the bathroom

This is signage at the first parking lot for Little Si (not the trailhead with the bathroom, but will connect to that one in about .1 mile)

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