Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review: Hilarity Ensues

Tucker Max's third book, Hilarity Ensues
When a friend wants to read a funny book, I always recommend Chelsea Handler books. However, if that friend is liberal and wants a hilarious book, I recommend Tucker Max's book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (IHTSBIH); this was his first book. However, recently he came out with a new book (his third), Hilarity Ensues, and he once again got me laughing so hard I was crying.
       Some of my favorite chapters were:
    • The (Almost Banned, Now Complete) Miss Vermont Story
    • Why Halloween is really awesome
    • The Cancun Stories
    • Sexting with Tucker Max: Absurd
    • Meet My Friend Hate 
    • The Deadliest Vacation
The Deadliest Vacation is about Tucker being invited to spend some time on a crab boat, The Time Bandit, which is featured on the show Deadliest Catch. When I read this chapter, I was one of the few people who had never watched the show. However, instantly after I finished reading the chapter, I got on Netflix to see if the show was available instantly and it was. I immediately started watching it, and I am now almost done with season 4. I do not even like seafood, but the show is that addicting.

However, my favorite chapter in the book was, Meet My Friend Hate. In all of Tucker's other books, I always found SlingBlade to be, by far the funniest character in the books. However, after reading this chapter, Hate, wins the prize for making me laugh the most, and hardest. I now want to go and reread Tucker's other two books to find out how I could have overlooked the humorous Hate.

If you are still one of the individuals who have never read one of Tucker Max's stories, you are definitely missing out. I have found that it is imperative for me to read his books in the comfort of my own home, because then I can relax and laugh as loud as I want.

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