Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WTF News

Lately the news has been filled with politics, and although I feel individuals should be informed with politics because you never know what bill being passed by Congress could impact you, but I have definitely craved some "light-hearted" and funny news. Therefore, began my hunt for a novel news forum.

Some people get their news from NPR; however, lately I have been preferring to get my news from WTF News. And yes that acronym stands for exactly what you think it does. My recently favorite story is titled: App "If I die" lets messages on Facebook when you're dead. I found this not only grammatically incorrect but also absurd. But then again, I don't think there are any boundaries that Facebook will not cross. People constantly update their statuses with some of the most private (or should be private) moments of their life. Personally, I do not need a play-by-play on Facebook about your labor experience, just sayin'. I am still waiting for the status updates via mobile to have longitude and latitude coordinates of your EXACT location where you are when you updated. Here's the link to the story for you to read:

Another story, Crowboarding bird  intrigued me to view the video on youtube, definitely a cute video.
Here's the news link
Here's the youtube video link:

The list is endless to crazy stories and headlines. I hope you feel more "newsworthy" after perusing this website.

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