Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer Book Bingo

Summer begins next week; therefore, it is time for Summer Book Bingo at the Seattle Public Libraries. Each summer, I have participated in this challenge, but have yet completed a blackout card.

How does the Summer Book Bingo work?
  • Spend your summer reading great books and you can win prizes. Fill in a bingo card with the titles and authors of the books you've read between May 17th-September 5th. Book titles may be used only once per card.
What if I need some ideas for books for my bingo squares?
  • For ideas crafted just for you, head to your local library (or fill out a brief form at, and the super smart team at The Seattle Public Library will recommend five books just for you.
  • Also, your fellow readers on Twitter and Instagram are a great resource; find them at #BookBingoNW2017
How can I win?
  • Complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line and you will be entered into a drawing for a $30 gift card to an independent book store.
Fine Print: You are on your honor to read books before adding them to your Summer Book Bingo card. Cheating will invoke bad summer karma, which may include sunburn, ants at your picnic, and marauding mosquitos.

What are topics of the bingo squares for 2017:
  • Recommended by a librarian
  • Choose a book by it's cover
  • You've been meaning to read
  • Young adult
  • Biography or memoir
  • Adapted into a movie (bonus: watch the movie too)
  • Graphic novel
  • By an author of color
  • Recommended by an independent bookseller
  • Set in another country
  • Genre that is new to you
  • Banned (need ideas, visit
  • Collection of essays or short stories
  • Published the year one of your parents were born
  • Fiction
  • About art or an artist
  • A SAL speaker (past or upcoming)
  • Reread a book you read in school
  • Finish in a day
  • Washington state author
  • Poetry
  • Science nonfiction or science fiction
  • LGBTQIA author or character
  • Recommended by a young person
The first book I am reading is to fill in a bingo square is Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Happy Reading!

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