Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bookshelf Addiction

A side effect of loving to read books is my obsession with bookshelves. I think my obsession truely began when I saw the library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast and became incredibly jealous of Belle. Thanks to Pinterest, I have been able to feed my addiction on a daily basis if needed, by creating a "library" board. In my opinion, everyone should have a "library" board on Pinterest; I use mine to pin books I want to read and also interesting bookshelves for my future library room.

It should be noted that I have one teeny tiny bookshelf in my apt to hold my books (see below pictures as proof), and it truely cannot fit any more books; therefore, I have been forced to borrow from the library and buy ebooks. I have over 300 books in my electronic library on my nook. All of my children's and most of my young adult books are still at my parents' house in Missouri.

Through my search for new books to read, I stumbled across Bookshelf by Alex Johnson. I enjoyed flipping through the various pictures of bookshelves. Also, I appreciated the organization of the book;  the author separated the bookselves into categories: A Medley of Bookcases, Single Shelves, Bookshelf Furniture, Unusual Bookshelves, Bookshelves as Art, Outside the Box, and Bijou Bookshelves. Additionally, on each bookshelf, the author has provided dimensions, short summary of the bookshelf's background, and most importantly a website that you can go to view the awesome bookshelf in more details. While reading and flipping through the pages of this book, one thing that I wished was included was the price of the bookshelf. Therefore, I took it upon myself to find the prices...... and I failed miserably. I went to the websites that were given in the book and none of the websites had the prices of the bookshelf or how to go about ordering one of them. Therefore, this book is basically is just bookshelf porn. I booked 40 bookshelves that I WANT, and this book has just taunted me with all the bookshelves awesomeness, which is incredibly inhumane and there should be a big font disclaimer on the cover.

After I shed a few tears over not being able to order any of the bookshelves in this book, I pulled myself together and glanced over at my unimpressive, common, mass-produced, miniscule bookshelf and grabbed a book to read to fill the void.....and I am still recovering.

This is a great coffee table book but since I don't have a coffee table (I have a storage ottoman), it will be shooved on my bookcase for a later day when I want to make myself miserable again by flipping through pages of things that I want but cannot have...why is the world so cruel?!?! Okay...literary rant over! Definitely go and buy this book!
My $15 bookcase that holds my book collection.  I have had it since undergrad, and I am really surprised that it's still in one piece because I put it together myself. And my assembling skills are not stellar. It may look as if I do not have many books but the top shelf has three rows of books (two are unseen in photo), and the bottom two shelves have two rows of books each.

Ta-Da and more books appear

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