Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snoqualmie Waterfall

I am such a sucker for waterfalls, and I have wanted to visit the scenic waterfall, Snoqualmie, since I moved to Seattle; now I get to cross off another thing from my bucket list. This waterfall is a little less than 35 minutes from downtown Seattle; it's a scenic drive to the waterfall. Over a million people visit this waterfall every year, which I completely understand because it is breathtaking; but also it is the waterfall that was shown in the cult TV show Twin Peaks.

Currently, the trail leading down to the base of the waterfall is closed until March 2013; however, the top of the waterfall is accessible for taking iconic touristy pictures. I got to go with my dad (he's visiting from Missouri) and he was saying that the waterfall is very beautiful, but it definitely doesn't compare to the magnitude of Niagara Falls. It was in that moment that I was immensely jealous of my dad, because me being a fanatic of waterfalls, Niagara, is definitely a destination I want to see before I kick the bucket.

Since the trails are closed, I recommend bringing a lunch so you can enjoy the Centennial Green (meadowy area) and marvel at the hydroelectric capability of the waterfall. Parking is readily available in parking lots and on the road; we went around lunch on a Saturday and didn't have any troubles. There is also a gift shop with an array of Washington State souvenirs; I definitely got a magnet. I cannot wait to go back in March when the trails are open. Another day spent loving the fact that I live in Washington.

At Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

My dad and me at Snoqualmie Falls

Being an Iowa Girl, I found popcorn in the shape of corn on the cob amusing, and I think the pickup truck picture is a nice touch :)

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